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MTP B-Klarinette Mod.2000 S Böhm-System

MTP Bb-clarinet mod.2000 S Boehm System

Boehm System, 17 keys, 5 rings, tear-resistant synthetic wood body, keys silver plated, adjustable thumb rest, light case and mouthpiece
MTP B-Klarinette Mod.2009 S Deutsches System

MTP Bb-clarinet mod. 2009 S German system

535,00 German system, 20 keys, 6 ring, tear-resistant synthetic wood body, silver-plated, adjustable thumb rest, white leather pads, case & ESM mouthpiece
MTP B-Klarinette Mod.JUNIOR Deutsches System

MTP Bb-clarinet mod.JUNIOR German system

German system 16 keys, 6 rings, appropriate keys for children, German system, tear-resistant synthetic wood body, power forged white-brass mechanics, silver-plated, mouthpiece, light case with back-pack straps.
MTP B-Klarinette Mod.551 S Böhm-System

MTP Bb-clarinet mod.551 S Boehm system

945,00 Boehm system, 17 keys, 6 rings, synth.wood, keys silver-plated, mouthpiece, light case - very easy response - good Intonation!
MTP B-Klarinette Mod.2020 Deutsches System

MTP Bb-clarinet mod.2020 German system

German system, 20 keys, 6 rings, Grenadilla wood, keys silver-plated, mouthpiece, 2 barrels, light case

MTP Bb-clarinet mod.550 S Boehm system

1.280,00 Boehm system, 17 keys, 6 rings, Grenadilla wood body, keys silver-plated, mouthpiece, light case - good Intonation!