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MTP Taschen Jagdhorn

MTP pocket hunting horn

brass lacquered, covered with synthetic leather. With bag and mouthpiece
MTP B-/Es-Parforce-Horn

MTP Bb-/Eb-parforce-horn (hunting horn)

bell diameter 31,5 cm, brass lacquered, Bb/Eb-key or Eb/Bb-key, with adjustable leadpipe, quick changeover valve, mouthpiece and case, weight 1,6 kg.
Available on request:
 - wrapped with leather!
MTP B-Fürst-Pless-Horn Deluxe

MTP Bb-Fürst-Pless-Horn Deluxe (hunting horn)

469,00 3 rotary valves, brass laquered, tunable leadpipe, artificial leather, mouthpiece, case
MTP B-Fürst-Pless-Horn

MTP Bb hunting horn (-Fürst-Pless-Horn)

129,00 brass laquered, with artificial leather, mouthpiece, black bag
MTP B-Fürst-Pless-Horn Diana

MTP Bb hunting horn (Fürst-Pless-Horn) Diana

gold brass laquered, with artificial leather, tunable mouth pipe, mouthpiece, black bag
MTP Es-Parforce-Horn

MTP Eb-parforce-horn (hunting horn)

brass lacquered, bell 270 mm, with adjustable leadpipe, mouthpiece and ABS-case, weight 1,4 kg.

MTP B-Parforcehorn

MTP Bb Parforce horn

bell 275 mm, brass laquered, Bb-Key, with adjustable leadpipe, wrapped with green synthetic leather, mouthpiece and ABS case